Success Stories

NOTE:  All of the following success stories would not be possible without the LOVE & SUPPORT of FOSTER HOMES.   People like you have given us a place for these dumped, abandoned, neglected souls to heal and find loving homes.  FOSTERS ARE KEY TO RESCUE.   We are so thankful to them.

Twizzle-paul 5.20155/2015 – TWIZZLE  the wire hair puppy

Paul and his wife love the wire breeds…  Their doggy needed an

active playmate and it’s a great match for everyone.

Twizzle was dumped at a Petco by some children that found her.

Vanessa-JodieLottie2-20152/2015 –  LOTTIE the Basset

Vanessa is a dog walker and loves the Basset Hounds.  Lottie won the lottery after being

dumped by owners and living outdoors in Downey while the small dogs got to live indoors.

DSC06915Star Paws also Loves FAILED FOSTERS.

Tasha seen here on her birthday with her mommy Becka.  Tasha was a dog from East L.A. tossed off with her son Tucker who is one of the success stories below.  The East LA. people were selling her babies.    She’s a lap dog and gets to stare at Becka all day while she works from home.

COURTNEY-LUCYCourtney and Rick fostered Lucy the pit mix after her huge pit mix babies found homes.  She is one of the most social adorable pit mix dogs we’ve worked with…she loves everyone & boy can she exercise all day.  She was dumped by a brother and sister in Downtown L.A. when she had the babies.  They had her living outside on a balcony.  One of SPRF volunteers got her thru the sister who works as a market checker in W.L.A.  THANK YOU RICK AND COURTNEY!

lauren-tommyTOMMY – Dachsi x [July 2014]

Tommy was born to Mabel who was a pregnant dog found on the streets of Maywood also.  Another rescue out of state was going to take her but when she went to the vet for a check up before leaving town the vet said “This dog will birth in 2-3 days, she cannot travel”….so she came to Star Paws and birthed her babies on 4.6.14….TOMMY is the one that looks most like his mom and he is the biggest of the babies.  He now lives in Mar Vista with his human mommy Lauren.  She loves him dearly and it’s a wonderful future ahead for them both.  THANK YOU LAUREN.

barbara-lolaLOLA – Maltipoo – [Aug 2014]

Eldad with Hope For Paws did a rescue right before 4th of July.  Lola’s previous owners had moved and left her in South Central L.A. – The fireworks were going strong and Neighbors called on Eldad for help. Eldad went down and found her in the bushes, hiding.  A happy ending for her as she was rescued that evening & went to the vet, got medical attention, came to Star Paws and started looking for a new home.  Due to the video that HOPE FOR PAWS made on her, we got requests to adopt her from around the world.   Barbara is a woman that makes her dogs the center of her universe and sounded like the Mom for Lola.     It was so emotional for both of us.  I made a new friend in Barbara and Lola gained a family.   This picture is at the beach before heading home.

DaisyAdopters2.5.14MAYA – Cocker Spaniel [Feb 2014]

Maya and her son were found in horrible conditions on the side of an apt building in Maywood, Ca.  They were living in filth, matted horribly and you could see that people threw food over the fences to them… KFC.  The block of apts were condemed and people just left their animals.  So we got them out as soon as we heard about them and got them to the vet.  They were being used as breeding dogs.  Maya is approx 5yrs old.  They were fostered in Pacific Palisades and we got a call from Mitchell saying he’d seen her sweet face on line.  He & Edana  were previous cocker owners so they knew what to expect.   I drove her right on down to meet them and it was a great match.  She now lives blocks from Knotts Berry Farm….lucky girl.  She has the bestest new parents who get to spend their time with her and visa versa.  Life is sweet once again.

photo 1SHIZZLE – Pug X [ Sept 2014]

South Central Shelter got 7 six week old puppies at 2am on 8.2.14.  Star Paws got the puppies first thing in the morning.  We gave them TLC and they were a hit at adoptions.  KARI & JOHN came to meet Shizzle to be a buddy with their Pure breed Pug and it was a darling match.  Now she lives with her new family in the valley…Happy Happy Happy.

photo 2FARRAH – Westie [Oct 2014]

We got a call from a woman in Fontana on 10/5/14.  Dog left on street, owners moved, been there for 2-3 mos.  They thought she was pregnant.  90 degree weather and she looked wiped out.  We asked the woman to take her in while we found transport to get her to STAR PAWS.  We got her groomed, we took her to vet to see if she was pregnant, thankfully she wasn’t.  We got her spayed, chipped, vaccinations, gave her a dental and was told she was 5-7yrs old and a little chubby which is why they thought prego.  As luck would have it, a fellow rescuer saw her on her website and knew her sister and husband were looking for their next furry child.  WOW…..Farrah got the gold.  They drove 2 hours to meet her and it was so touching how they held her and cared about her so much in the first 5 minutes.  Everyone is so happy and she has a family that won’t leave her behind ever again.  THANK YOU Holly and Ron !!!

photo 4STARR – Spaniel x – [2014]

I had a TV adoption spot on GOOD DAY L.A. –  I got a call after my showing spot from a man near Palm Springs.  He said he had a dog living under his trailer with 2 week old puppies and could I come get them.   We drove 2 hrs out on 7.1.14 in 100 degree weather to the mans trailer where he had the mother dog in a crate with the puppies under a bush because the pit bull in the trailer and the mommy dog couldn’t be in same place.  We scooped them all up and got them to a cozy foster home.  We named them: STARR, SPARKLE, JUSTICE & LIBERTY.     Serrica and Michael saw Starr on the website and drove down from Ventura to adopt.  Thank you both for serving our country in the military and for giving our STARR a wonderful loving home.

photo 1PEPSI & SUGAR – Maltipoo’s [Oct 2014]

One of our vets in Inglewood contacted us saying that someone found these two running in traffic on La Brea [busy street].  The called Star Paws right away and we had room to take them in.  These two siblings are about 6 mos old and were so bonded that we had to try to find a home for them together.  That is always much harder to do in rescue.  Enter SHERRY & PAT….they came to meet the two and were so happy to give them a home together.  They are all so happy together and live 10 blocks from the beach in Hermosa.  FANTASTIC.  Thank you Sherry and Pat.

11.2.14NUGGET familyNUGGET – chihuahua x [Oct 2014]

Opal and her 6 babies were dumped by a back yard breeder in san diego.  They were 9 days old.  Nugget just got his forever home with Lisa and family.  Now he gets to live the lovely life in Pacific Palisades.   3 cheers!

GAIL-BROOKLYN-MICHAEL - 1st meet8.30.14BROOKLYN – Maltipoo x [Aug 2014]

One of my Fosters got told about this little girl being dumped.  Before we could vet her, she  got sick quickly.  Giardia/coccidia was the culprit.  We nursed her and this wonderful woman saw her picture on our website and it was a match made heavenly.  Gail took over caring for Brooklyn and she now lives a wonderful life in the valley with her new mommy and human brother.   THANK YOU GAIL!!!

7.4.14memphis-eveMEMPHIS  – chihuahua x [2014]

Memphis was from south central. The family was trying to sell the puppies and finally they gave him to one of our volunteers after much convincing.  They family was tying dogs to trees in their yard even.  We also rescued Memphis’ mom.  Now Memphis has a lovely home life now with a wonderful woman that wanted a companion dog.  Due to his small size she can travel with him.  He lives in Venice.  Thank you Eve!

indiaINDIE – Aussie/shihtzu mystery mix [2014]

We got Indie when she was 8 weeks young.  Owners were dumping her at South Central shelter.  Sadly when a puppy is that young they will get sick in the shelter.  There is a person at the shelter who tries to help families and intercepts dogs from going into the shelter especially when at risk.  Star Paws was asked to take her.  The owner said Indie was a Shih Tzu mix.  She now lives in Pacific Palisades with a couple that loves the active dog that she is.  Thank you WALT & THERESA!

LEO – Lhasa/Havanese   [2013]                                                                                                                    

This dog went from a wood dog house in a backyard eating Unlucky charms to living the life of Riley in Pacific Palisades.  He is loved by The Sutherlins.

gusGUS – American Staffordshire Terrier – MY FIRST SOLO RESCUE  [12/2001]

Downey Shelter begged me to take him because he was about to be put down.  He was one of the nicest pits I ever met.  He went from being a stray to being in a home with 2 Damations and a couple that doted on their dogs like children.  GUS PASSED AWAY HAPPY at home in 2012.

casperCASPER – White Jindo mix  – MY FIRST DISTEMPER SURVIVOR  [2001]

I pulled him from Downey shelter the day before being put down.  He got sick within 24hrs.  He was in isolation at California Animal Hospital with Dr. Gary Adams overseeing his progress for 3 weeks.  I went every day and sat with him in his cage for 2hrs.  The cage was 4ft by 3 feet as you see in the picture.  Once he was better, we found a Teacher and son in the Valley to adopt.  He has a beautiful life.

2014-01-17 09.52.53ROXIE & RONNIE – Black Shepherd mixes – [2003 ]

I was called by an animal lover about these 2 puppies left behind a gas meter at 8 weeks old.  I was in south central in an alley area of warehouses.   The puppies looked like E.T.   They had DEMODEX & SCABIES MANGE, COCCIDIA & FLEA INFESTED.   We set up a space at our home and nursed them back to health for 2 months.  At 4 mos old they were well enough to start looking for a home.  DEBRA SHARP adopted ROXIE and she is now the mascot at BARK WILLIAMS BOUTIQUE PET STORE AND SPA in Santa Monica.    RONNIE got a home in San Clemente overlooking the ocean with a family and kids.  IT WAS WORTH IT to see them have a successful ending from a tragic start in life.

betsyBETSY – ShihTzu mix [2002]   
I was working downtown L.A. on a TV series.  While driving home at 7pm I noticed a very dirty small dog following a man down the street.  I called out to see if she was his as he seemed to ignore her.  He only spoke spanish  so I call my husband and put him on the phone with the guy.  We were told that a car came up to the Grocery mart at 5am and threw her out.  She had been on the streets for 3 weeks.  The nice man picked her up and put her in my car.   She got a grooming and was such a sweet dog.  We found a home for her with a couple and other dogs in Palms area.  She now goes on Road trips with the family and is living a loving life.


gildalizzieAVA, GILDA & LIZZIE – Shepherd/Heeler mixes.  [2002]  Mother and daughters.               

On the way to my job downtown one morning I saw 3 dogs running and scrounging for food.  I followed them with my car, threw food out for them and caught one…..then the 2nd one came up and finally Mom the black Heeler gave in.   I took 3 dogs to work with me and they hung out in the office being thankful.  Each one got their own forever home.   AVA/black shep lives in WLA.  LIZZIE/shepherd lives in WLA., GILDA/heeler x now lives in Washington state with her family.

POPPYPOPPY – Whippet/shep x [2002] I was called by an artist friend telling me that a dog was living behind an art store that he temped at.  The dog had been there for 3 mos.  The store people fed him and he slept behind the trash cans at night.  All of 20lbs & semi friendly.  He was sure who to trust.  It turns out that people down the street just locked him out one day.  I went down, got him in the car and he found his forever home with a wonderful woman in Laurel Canyon.   Poppy passed away in July 2015.  He was loved until the day he died.

2014-01-17 09.49.36BECKETT – Shepherd x [2003]    
Beckett was locked up in a 15 x 15 foot cage with an older  partially blind yellow lab. They barely had shelter over them and the space was in a warehouse parking lot in East L.A.   Beckett was just about 1 yr old.  The warehouse owners didn’t want him any more so I was called by the woman that worked across the street to see if I could take him.   They would not give us the yellow lab.  We got Beckett out and took him to a vet as he wasn’t in great shape.  If he scratched himself he would bleed right away.  It turns out that the water they drank had oil in it because it was a tire warehouse.  His body was toxic from the bad food and water.  It took over 5 mos to clear his skin and body.  We worked with a holistic vet:  Dr Richard Palmquist at Centinela Animal Hospital.   Once he was better we found him a home in thousand oaks where he had a family and a doggy buddy to play with.   Life was finally feeling good.  He was a special boy in our rescue.   NOTE:   We did get DARBY the yellow Lab after a couple months.  Darby got his own family at 8yrs old and died a happy and loved dog.


CESAR – Cattle dog/pit x [2008] Cesar was brought to my attention by a person that lived across from him.  His owners locked him in this space and left him there…neighbors threw food and water to him.  This went on for 3 years and we got the call.  He was not a happy dog.   We spent a week befriending him and then got him out.  He immediately became a loving dog and within 2 months he was in a home in venice with a couple that had 2 children and he was one happy camper.  This was a wonderful success story…to be part of his having a life of love after that horrible outdoor living being isolated.

BLUEBLUE/pit bull -2003,    BATMAN/manchester terrier -2000,   BOBBY/chihuahua- 2003,    &   ZUMA/boston terrier x – 2010 –  SAMANTHA-chi – 2006

These became our personal keepers….as in “We are FAILED FOSTERS.”

BLUE was at Downey shelter and we were called to please take him as he wouldn’t last long in the shelter.  A military guy got called to duty and he had 3 days notice…so he had to put Blue in shelter.  Blue became John’s BFF until he passed in January 2013.

VIC.BATMANBATMAN was rescued from Taiwan at approx 12yrs old.  He came on a plane with 17 other rescues.  I offered to foster him as he had heartworm, deformed legs and green rotting teeth.  With Dr. Richard Palmquists help, we got him thru everything.  Batman was the other love of my life until he died in my arms in 2006.

9.8.13 BOBBYBOBBY was found under a bush by a gardener and brought to us one Friday morning because he knew we were in rescue.   He went into one trial home and came back.  He is such a loving little boy that everyone overlooked at adoptions that we kept him.  He is an old man now but doing great and living a wonderful healthy life.

zumaZUMA was brought to us with 5 puppies 6 days old.  She birthed them on someone’s driveway so in looking for Rescue, we had room on 1/6/2010.   We got all the babies adopted and she was such a great friend to BLUE the pit bull that we kept her.  She is the Matron of the house now.

SAMANTHAlaying9-1-06SAMANTHA – was found by a caring girl we know in East L.A.  She was in the gutter,  emaciated & in the rain.  I went to pick her up right away and took her to the vet where they put her on I.V’s for 24hrs.  She has always been shy but a devoted sweet dog and I couldn’t bear to give her up.  She is my sweet dear heart chihuahua.